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Frequently Asked Questions

Read some FAQs about our process.

Do I have to have the bounce delivered or can I pick it up myself?

We offer Full Service Delivery. We do not offer pick up services for bounces.


Are your units clean?

Yes, our units are vacuumed and sanitized prior to each use.


How much room do I need to set up?

You will need a minimum of a 5 ft perimeter surrounding the bounce  area that is semi-level, clear of any rocks, sticks, roots, etc that could puncture the jumper. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, make sure it is turned off and the sprinkler heads are not engaged.


Example: 15x15 Jumper would need a 20x20 area. This is very important!


How many kids can safely bounce at once?

This depends on the size of the inflatable, however below is a guide for a Standard 15x15 moon bounce .

Unit Size


 8 and under










How does the bounce stay inflated?

The bounce is inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor unit that must stay on the entire time the bounce unit is being used. The design of the blower is such that no moving parts are exposed. This is a very important safety feature that you should take into account whenever considering a rental. The blower unit must be located within ~75 feet of an electrical outlet.


Can we set up the bounce on concrete or asphalt?

Yes, however for safety reasons, we prefer that the bounce be placed on a level, grassy area. An additional sandbag fee may apply.


How do you keep the bounce from floating away?

While they are full of air, the bounces themselves are quite heavy. However, they do need to be staked down to avoid them "walking" around. To accomplish this we use large sandbags at each corner when setting up on concrete or asphalt. When setting up grassy areas, we use large stakes that are driven into the ground. While these stakes do not go deep enough to hit utility lines, please let us know if we will be setting up near items such as drainage lines or sprinkler lines.


The location that we wish to use is not close to electrical power, I guess we can't have a bounce?

Don't let that stop you. We have generators available for rent, including a full tank of fuel, that will power the blowers that inflate the bounce.


How Much of a Deposit?

We would need at least half of the total sale if you wish to make a deposit. Deposits must be paid by the day before the delivery either in store or over the phone. We do generate follow up calls the day before the delivery to go over your entire order.


What if it is windy or rainy on the day of my event?

If the local forecast is calling for high winds (> 15 MPH), or rain on the morning of your reservation, we will contact you via phone to reschedule your reservation for another day or to provide a refund of your deposit. Rescheduling is based on availability for the day requested. If you feel that rain or wind is a concern, please bring this to our attention PRIOR to us arriving at your location. No Refunds will be provided once the bounce is set up. All City Party Supply  reserves the right to cancel a rental and provide a full refund of your deposit if it is raining or rain is inevitable.


What do I do in the event that we receive unexpected rain or high winds (>15 MPH) during our rental?

It is important to remember that the bounce blower is powered by electricity and that electricity and water don't mix well. If rain is encountered, ask everyone to quickly and calmly exit the bounce. Once it is emptied, unplug the blower and allow the unit to deflate. DO NOT USE THE UNIT IN HEAVY RAIN OR HIGH WINDS! Once the weather has passed, plug the blower back in, allow the unit to inflate and have an adult dry the interior with a towel. This is very important, as the vinyl is very slippery when wet. Once dry, the bounce can be utilized again.


What do we do if there is an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, have everyone exit the bounce calmly and quickly and contact All City Party Supply at 562.438.8700.


What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bounce?

Our contract requires that an adult be home when the bounce is setup. We will review the features of the bounce with this individual, as well as our safety regulations. Additionally, we will review our emergency procedures with this individual at the time of setup. An adult MUST accompany the bounce anytime the bounce is inflated. This person is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed. Aside from safety items, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide for electrical power within 100 feet of the bounce and a level area to set up on.


How safe are moonbounces?

As long as the safety rules are followed, bounces are very safe. In fact, most accidents that arise from the use of moonbounces are a direct result of the renters not following the posted safety rules by allowing the unit to be overloaded, allowing the unit to be used in high winds, etc.


How do I reserve a unit?

Call or email us at 562.438.8700, allcity.partysupply@ymail.com,  and we will be happy to process your reservation request. Walk ins are welcome as well. We will then tentatively reserve your unit.


How can I pay for the unit?

All City Party Supply accepts Cash,  Visa, Master Card, American Express.


Please Note: For any payment other than cash, you must have the following (No Exceptions)

Credit Card: You need the Card, and a photo copy of your I.D.

We will not make any exceptions. If you do not meet the payment requirements, All City Party Supply reserves the right to cancel your order.


What is your delivery area?

Our primary delivery area is Long Beach, CA.


What do I need for store pick-up / will call orders?

You will need the following:
-CA Driver's License or ID Card.
-Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) the name must match. We will not accept cards that the cardholder is not present.


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